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Social Responsibility
 As a leading information technology and service provider, Shenzhen UWay Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as UWay) takes a perspective of sustainable development and adheres to the concept of becoming an industry-leading enterprise. It fulfills its social responsibilities by integrating them into the corporate strategy, the corporate culture and the production & operation activities, advocates environmental protection and peace, and tries to become a green and harmonious enterprise.

CSR Vision

UWay performs its business in a moral and sustainable way, protects and improves human rights, health, safety, welfare and personal development directly or indirectly related to its employees. It takes responsibilities of the society and the environment, abides by laws and improves values of the company and the citizens.

CSR Strategy

UWay and its industrial chain will actively develop, implement and strengthen the compliance with the CSR through best practices, continuous learning and improvement in the industry.
The goal is to development itself from a common enterprise to a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and constantly upgrade its economic status while undertaking social and environmental responsibilities to repay the society to the most extent.

CSR Plan

UWay plans to fulfill its social responsibilities, carry out its CSR strategies and set up an example for other enterprises by promoting its corporate culture, working with universities and colleges to offer “UWay Classes” and organizing employees in volunteer and charity activities.

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